Frequently Questions

Does GandaramJewellers have any physical presence?

GandaramJewellers is essentially focused on reaching the customer ‘where the customer is’ – digitally, try at home, style shows, experience zones are some of the formats we are focussing on. We have also partnered with brands which have a significant offline retail presence, thus facilitating a seamless online/offline experience for our customers.

Is the jewellery certified?

Every piece of jewelry sold by GandaramJewellers is BIS hallmarked and certified by renowned GIE laboratory in India. Should you have any queries regarding the certification of the products, please feel free to call us at our toll-free number +91 981 167 5235 or write to us at

What are the various Cut grades?

A diamond’s cut grade is a mark of its light performance. The cut is prized as one of the defining characteristics that can express the beauty and sparkle of a diamond. Cut grades vary from excellent cuts to poor cut.

If I lose my original certificate, could I get a duplicate?

We’ll provide you with a duplicate certificate at a nominal cost, please write to us at for more details.

Is it safe to pay using credit or debit card online?

Yes. Our website is powered with a safe and secure payment gateway that uses the latest SSL encoding technology to encrypt and decrypt all the data being sent through it. None of your information gets stored or is visible to other entities.

Is my product safe in transit?

Your product is perfectly safe, all shipments are 100% insured until it is delivered.

Do I have to produce any documents while receiving the product?

To ensure the product reaches you safely, the registered recipient must provide one of the following documents:

  • Pan Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Voter’s ID

How can I Subscribe to Newsletter?

You can sign up for our Newsletter through our website. Enter your Email Address in the Newsletter Sign Up panel and click on the > button. The Newsletter – Sign Up page will appear to you. Enter the required information and click on the Sign Me Up button. You will be signed up for our Newsletter and a confirmation screen will be displayed to you. Also, you will receive a signup confirmation email for our Newsletter. To subscribe to our Newsletter, click on Newsletter Sign Up.

How can I Refer this Website to my Friends?

To Refer our website to your friends enter your Friend’s Email Address in the Refer a Friend panel and click on the > button. The Refer a Friend page will appear to you. Fill in the required information and Friends Email Addresses along with your optional Message and then click on the ‘Refer Friend(s)’ button. The Thank You for Referring will appear to you and your friends will receive an email, containing your message and website’s link, inviting them to visit our website. You will also get a confirmation email for your reference. To Refer our Website to your Friend(s), click on Refer a Friend.

How can I Refer your Products to my Friends?

To Refer our products to your friends, you need to click ‘Email to Friend’ link available on the Product Detail page. On clicking this link, another page will appear where you can fill in your Name, Email Address, your Friends Email Address along with email Subject and your optional Message. After entering all the required information, click on the ‘Email’ button and a confirmation page will appear. Your friend will receive an email, containing your message and product’s link, inviting him to see a product of his interest. You will also get a confirmation email for your reference.

How can I get latest Products?

We regularly keep on updating our website with the latest products and styles in fashion. You can find these products in various categories as well as in our Specials > New Arrivals section. For the latest Jewelry Products and Designs, you can also browse our latest catalogs.

How can I Search a Product?

To search your desired products, click on the ‘SEARCH’ link at the top of the page. On clicking this link, a small search component will appear which will accept your Keyword(s). You need to enter minimum 4 characters to search your choice of products and then click on ‘Submit’ button. This action will fetch your search results based on your Keyword(s). On that small search component, you can also find a link for ‘Advance Search’. On clicking this ‘Advance Search’ link, you will get Advance Search page containing multiple Search Criteria to filter your search results. You can enter your Keyword(s) and / or select the attributes from available Search Criteria dropdowns and click on the Search button. All the products that meet these specifications will be displayed to you in search result page.

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