Jewellery Buying Guide

Jewelry Buying Guide
Honesty and quality go hand in hand. At Gandaram & Sons Jewellers, we grew our business on customer trust and loyalty. We believe in open and honest communication with our customers regarding the specifications of each piece of jewelry. We have a wide range of exotic jewelry; you can choose your favorite ornament from our exclusive collections of bangles, necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants, and nose pins. It could be confusing while selecting the best piece for you. While buying a piece of jewelry which resonates your personality there are some key points which we should keep in mind to make the right purchase. This guide will simplify your jewelry shopping process for you. So that when you visit our store for jewelry shopping you will be assured that you make the right decision that is based on your trust in our quality and us.

Diamond Jewelry Buying Guide: What you should know before buying diamond jewelry is the 4Cs, which are;
Cut – The way the diamond is cut relates to the amount of light it can capture and reflect sparkle.
Clarity – it depicts the flawlessness of a diamond and tells us about clearness or purity of a diamond.
Color – Diamonds are graded based on color in terms of its degree of colorlessness.
Carat – carat refers to the diamond’s weight. It is very important for Diamond’s size, and appearance.

These 4Cs determine the diamond’s price. Diamond’s cut matters the most supported by color and clarity and carat. We recommend going for a diamond that has a good balance of the cut and carat weight to ensure the brilliance and shine of the diamond.

Platinum Jewelry Buying Guide: Platinum is rare and timeless which makes it a special gift of the Universe. Platinum charms and enchants every modern generation customers. Platinum is silvery-white metal. Platinum is truly everlasting; a perfect choice for a lifetime as everyday wears because it is not easily scratched, never tarnishes, and is very strong and durable. Also, it is a noble – metal, hence it is safe for skin and people with sensitive skin or allergies to certain metals. When judging the value of platinum jewelry, always ensure that the material is indeed platinum (and not another metal, such as white gold) by checking for the amount of platinum content on the back of the piece. Every piece of platinum jewelry, however small, carries the ‘Pt 950’ “950Pt”, “950 Plat”, or “Plat” mark. It is your symbol of authenticity and signifies 95% purity (950 parts out of 1000).

Gold Buying Guide: Everyone both men and women love gold be it in the form of jewelry or just a coin for the investment purpose. Gold plays a significant role in our heritage, rituals, and traditions. But still, there is a lack of information that misguides gold buyers. Following are the most important things, which a customer should know about gold. Before you go for gold shopping, you should know the current gold rate as the price of all the products is calculated based on the current gold price. Then once you are in the store look for the purity of the gold, which is indicated in Karats as 24K, 22K, 18K, 14K, 12K & 10K. 24k is 100% pure Gold. Then notice the color – Gold is available in most 3 colors Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose (Pink) Gold. Color of gold is determined by two factors, first is the type of metal alloys included and second is the percentage of each metal alloy. Also, look for hallmark or certificate. Gold jewelry hallmarking is done either using punches or laser marking machine.