Platinum Education

Platinum – Pure, Rare, and Eternal
Platinum is the world’s most precious metal on earth. It has been admired through the centuries as the rarest and purest of valuable metals. For ages, its unique properties and versatility fascinated and captured the imagination of both men and women worldwide. Use of platinum was found in many ancient civilizations. It may surprise you that, although platinum has been around for centuries, it has only been used for fashion jewelry for less than two centuries. It is both an ancient and young metal.

Why Platinum is so popular?
Pure, Rare and Eternal, these 3 words perfectly symbolize Platinum.
As we all know, Platinum is one of the least reactive elements which makes it Pure and Eternal. Platinum jewelry can be worn over a lifetime and passed on to future generations. It is 30 times more rare than gold. Platinum is naturally white, a bit lustrous which gives an amazing and elegant look to a piece of jewelry. The best thing about Platinum is that it will never fade or tarnish as it is one of the least reactive metals which makes it ideal for creating fine jewelry, especially with precious gems. Its neutral color intensifies the stone’s grace and depth.

Nowadays, Platinum jewelry is very fashionable to wear, it is a preferred choice of many celebrities. Platinum jewelry, especially as platinum wedding bands and platinum engagement rings, has rapidly gained popularity amongst people because of its elegant, subtle beauty and everlasting value. Platinum is the most secure setting for both diamonds and precious stones as it does not wear away. Platinum’s luxurious white luster perfectly complements diamonds. Platinum jewelry is highly exclusive, considered as a statement of individuality & attitude and profoundly desired by both men and women. Platinum’s white color elegantly contrasts with gold and unites versatility to your jewelry collection. No other metal bears such exceptional qualities.

Are you considering acquiring a new platinum jewelry piece for your collection? If your answer is yes, we request you to visit Gandaram & Sons store and jewelry design studio. Purchasing Platinum jewelry is a smart investment as it is one of the rarest, purest and most enduring metals available. We present you a selection of platinum jewelry that will bring pleasure to you and the recipient for years to come because of its inherent traits. Our Platinum jewelry is created using around 95% pure Platinum. Some of our current platinum designs feature 18-karat or 22-karat gold accents. This blend of metals magnifies the incomparable qualities of both the metals. You will be amazed by the gorgeous and luxurious quality of our platinum jewelry, and the creativity we can bring to your platinum ring or a necklace. Regardless of the current price of Platinum in the market, the investment will be worth every penny.